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What to Expect on your first visit

1. Consultation

It all begins with the initial consultation. We will get an in-depth history of your chief concerns, medical history, and see if our treatment protocols and Acupuncture are a good fit for you! At that point, we give you our best recommendation for your case.

2. Testing

At this point, Michael will do any testing necessary for your Acupuncture treatment. This can include pulse diagnosis, muscle testing, orthopedic testing, and/or trigger point palpation to better customize the treatment to your particular needs!

3. Treatment

At this point, treatment is performed. This can include Acupuncture, Electro-Acupuncture, Dry needling, and/or FSM (Frequency Specific Microcurrent). More can be learned about these therapies on the “Treatment” page.

4. Prescription

At the end of the treatment any needed supplements, herbs, and/or topical ointments will be prescribed by Michael. Whatever is not in the clinic can be found or delivered to Black Mountain, NC.

5. Check out/leave happy

After treatment, check-out is quick, future treatments are scheduled, and you leave happy. Many people even experience deep relaxation and happiness from the treatments, which can be considered a “good” side effect.

Contact Michael to schedule a free phone consultation


If you still have questions about acupuncture, call or email Michael Johnson in Black Mountain to schedule a free phone consultation.

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If you already understand the benefits of acupuncture and are ready to get started, simply call or email to let us know when you can visit our new acupuncture office in Black Mountain.

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